Slabrador Salmon Charters

Slabrador LogoHello there to all the Fishermen & Fisherwomen out there.  My name is Don (Semi) Semenuk.  Owner & Operator of SLABRADOR SALMON CHARTERS.  A local and family run business.  I’ve had a passion for the ocean that goes as far back as I can remember, being out Salmon Fishing with my father on some very miserable and rough days bouncing around in a 12’ tin boat.  Now that I am older and wiser I have graduated to a fully equipped, enclosed cabin, 2425 Kingfisher that is Transport Canada Safety Certified. The Kingfisher is a top-rated boat for safety & comfort, which is our top priority for all of our guests.  I am a fully certified Professional Fishing Guide with over 30 years guiding experience throughout various lodges on Vancouver Island.  Mainly focusing on the  Campbell River Area 13 & Comox Valley Area 14 along with the calmer waters of the East Coast of Vancouver Island which provides the opportunity to catch salmon 12 months of the year.  My sons Darren & Daryl have also started fishing and operating my boats at a very young age and are both very experienced Salmon Guides that could also hook you up with the SLAB of a lifetime.  We operate out of Pacific Playgrounds Marina, which borders both Areas 13 & 14.  With salmon, ling cod and crab, plus several species of rockfish and anything else brave enough to challenge the SLABRADOR, including halibut, which can be caught occasionally either trolling or jigging, right at your doorstep.  There is so much more to experience whether it be spotting an Orca Whale, Humpback Whale, Dolphins, Porpoises, Seals, Sea Lions, Eagles or a Black Bear walking down the beach it keeps me coming back for more. We would love to share some of these experiences with you.  So don’t wait and book now.  Tight Lines & hope to see you soon.

Seasport Boat

The Slabrador

2425 Kingfisher

  • Enclosed Heated Cabin
  • Separate Head (Washroom)
  • Sirius Radio with surround sound
  • Scotty High Powered Electric Downriggers
  • 11’ Rods and MR3 Islander Reels
  • bottled water
  • Comfortable seating for 4 guests inside & out
  • Top Notch Fishing Gear
  • Fishing within minutes
  • Cleaning, filleting and bagging of your prized catch
  • Great Fish Stories

Fish With Confidence


  • 30+ Years fishing guide experience
  • SVOP Small Vessel Operators Proficiency Certificate
  • Marine Emergency Duties A3 Certificate
  • Marine First Aid Certified
  • Restricted Radio Operator (VHF) Certificate
  • Commercial Fishing & Boating Experience

Catching Fish