The Fishing Season

NOV – MAR. Winter Spring Fishing: The majority of these Chinooks are local fish and mostly caught in the early morning.  Average size 8-20lbs.

APR – Early MAY Inlet Fishing: This time of year is when the Chinooks really start to beef up right after the Herring Spawn, which takes place as far as Nanaimo to Campbell River and what a sight to see.  This is when these Chinooks are chasing the BIG BAIT BALLS and heading up the Inlets.

MAY – JUNE: This is when the locals start firing up their boats.  Not very busy on the water yet but the Chinooks are pretty active North of Comox & South of Campbell River which gets us into the fish in minutes and by this time of year these Chinooks are 10-30lbs.

JUL – SEPT: Chinooks have been caught up to 60lbs plus.  Between these months are when you have the opportunity to catch all 5 Salmon Species: Pinks-JUL-SEPT, Sockeye-JUL-AUG, Coho-Mid JUL-SEPT, Chum-Mid SEPT-EARLY NOV.

Mid SEPT – Early NOV Chum Season: My personal favorite time of the year.  Not only because I actually get a chance to reel in some fish but fishing up to 4 rods at a time and the bite comes on she’s battle stations especially when you get a Quad and it does  happen time to time.  So come and enjoy this best kept secret.  These fish hit very hard and love to come out of the water like a Coho.  They are also great on the smoker either hot or cold smoked and very good to pickle.  These fish range 10-25lbs.  There is also an annual Chum Derby every year in October which began in 2002 in Brown’s Bay that we’ve managed to bring home some hardware.  2007 Largest Overall Weight, 2008 Largest Overall Weight, 2010 Largest Chum at 16 ½ lbs plus Largest Overall Weight.

We’ve got just the boat for those cold mornings.  Get the coffee brewing, turn up the heat in our comfy enclosed cabin & head to the fishing grounds.  So don’t wait  book now, FISH ON!


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